Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Welcome to my blog! This is a book review blog. For the most part, the books reviewed here will be Young Adult fiction. It's what I study; it's what I love. If a book isn't YA lit, it will be clearly labeled as such in the tags and the post.

I promise to be honest in my assessments of the books and how well put together they are and how much I like them. I am used to analyzing literature, so I will try to bring that to the blog and not just do run of the mill "liked it" or "hated it" posts. Basically, I will prove my claims as much as possible.

I teach lit as well as composition, so sometimes I will incorporate my students' responses to the books with my own. Any time I do, I will try to clearly differentiate between my responses and theirs.

I'll also explain my blog name a bit here. A friend of mine is an engineer and she frequently will call on her authority as a scientist as arguments. I got tired of that, so I started inserting that I was an Englishist (person who studies English language and literature) into our discussions. It stuck. Since this blog is about my love of lit, it seemed to be an apt choice.

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